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“90 minutes of thrilling, edge-of-your seat family drama.”                       Varsity

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Nineteen-year-old science genius Luke finally has some peace to work on the extraordinary box in her living room, holed up in a dingy flat on a near-abandoned Middlesbrough housing estate.


Brilliant Adventures is a fast paced tale of family, addiction and breaking the laws of physics that was performed at the Corpus Playroom in May 2018.


Cast: Anna Wright; Benedict Clarke; Laura Pujos; Comrie Saville-Ferguson; Jessica Murdoch

Directed by: Aaron Kilercioglu

Assistant Directed by: Issy Snape

Produced by: Corinne Thomas

Sound: David Swarbick

Lighting: Susi Mauer

Set: Abby Zucker

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'Brilliant Adventures' Trailer

'Brilliant Adventures' Trailer

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