It’s okay, we’ve all had these thoughts too. Let’s be honest, we have them all the time. Well, had - it’s been a while since we’ve been in the theatre. We haven’t really been around many people lately. 


But we’ve had a lot of time to think.


We think that maybe when theatre comes back, it can be better. Maybe, it can take itself a little less seriously and stop pretending it’s more edifying than TV. 


Maybe it can deal with big ideas, but still be less than 3 hours long. Maybe it can be political without being annoying. Maybe it can be special and collaborative and hysterical and heartbreaking. 


Fishbowl Theatre finds inspiration in real-life stories you probably haven’t heard of. 

We are sometimes serious, always playful.

We stage questions we don’t have the answers to. 

My back hurts.

I need to pee.

Wasn’t that actor also in that other thing I saw? 

Why is everyone shouting?

This is not as good as TV.

Is political theatre always shit?

How long is left until the interval?

I really need to pee. 


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